Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Identify Seeds & Vegetables

Lady's Finger Seeds (Vendaikai Vidhaigal)

Lady's Finger (Vendaikai)

Cluster Beans Seeds (Kothavarangai Vidhaigal)

Cluster Beans (Kothavarangai)

Cucumber Seeds (Vellarikai Vidhaigal)

Cucumber (Vellarikai)

Bottle Gourd Seeds (Suraikai Vidhaigal)
Colour - Off white

Bottle Gourd (Suraikai)

Long Snake Gourd Seeds (Periya Pudalangkai Vidhaigal)

Long Snake Gourd (Periya Pudalangkai)

Small Snake Gourd Seeds(Chinna Pudalangai Vidhigal)

Small Snake Gourd(Chinna Pudalangai)

Cow Beans Seeds (Karamani Vidhaigal)

Cow beans (Karamani)

Cabbage Seeds (Muttaigoes Vidhaigal)

Cabbage (Muttaigoes)

Cauliflower Seeds (Pookosu Vidhaigal)

Cauliflower (Pookosu)

Bitter Gourd Seeds (Pavakai Seeds)

Bitter Gourd (Pavakai)

Ridge Gourd Seeds (Vari Peerkangai Vidhaigal)

Ridge Gourd (Vari Peerkangai)

Tomato Seeds (Thakkali Vidhaigal)

Tomato (Thakkali)

Brinjal Seeds (Kathirikai Vidhaigal)
Colour - Yellowish

Brinjal (Kathirikai)

Capsicum Seeds (Kudai Milagai Vidhaigal)
Colour - Yellowish

Capsicum(Kudai Milagai)

Kohl Kohl Seeds (Knool Kohl Vidhaigal)

Kohl Kohl (Knool Kohl)

White Radish Seeds (Vellai Mullangi Vidhaigal)

White Radish (Vellai Mullangi)

Carrot Seeds (Carrot or Manjal Mullangi Vidhaigal)

Carrot (Carrot or Manjal Mullangi)

Beetroot Seeds (Senkizhangu Seeds)

Beetroot (Senkizhangu)

Onion Seeds (Vengayam Vidhaigal)

Onion (Vengayam)

Coriander Seeds(Dhaniya Seeds)

Coriander (Dhaniya)

Amaranthus Tritis Seeds?(Arai Keerai Vidhaigal)

Amaranthus Tritis?(Araikeerai)
Amaranthus Seeds (Mulaikeerai Vidhaigal)

Amaranthus (Mulaikeerai)

Tropical Amaranthus Seeds (Siru Keerai)

Tropical Amaranthus (Siru Keerai)

Broad Beans Seeds (Avaraikai Vidhaigal)

Broad Beans Seeds (Avaraikai Vidhaigal)

Every effort has been put to give correct information.  However if you find any mistake kindly share the information to correct to same.

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  1. Can we get these seeds in Agricultural university

  2. I have seeds amaranthus. Do you buy sir

  3. I have been searching around to find a way to do plantation in roof, but neighbours scare saying that roof will become weak don't plant, but seeing your post, I am so happy that what they shared is not a real fact. Happy to see you grow vegetables and fruits, I was looking for some guidance to do this activity and your blogs are really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this information,i believe this would be really helpful many who want to grow plants in terrace and roof top. thanks a ton.

    1. The view expressed by your Neibour was partially correct. You have to take precaution before starting roof gardening. You can talk to me at 8939751968

  4. i like to have those seeds, could you tell me where can i get them please??