Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bio-dynamic Agriculture

Do you know Bio-Dynamic Agriculture?

Bio-dynamics, derived from two Greek words, bios life and dynamos energy, refers to the agriculture science that recognizes basic principles at work in nature and applies this knowledge of life forces to bring about balance and healing in the soil.

Bio-dynamic methods produce a living soil with increased biological activity, in alignment with planetary cosmic rhythms, particularly those of the sun, moon and planets in the fixed constellations. Cosmic energies can work strongly through a living soil down into the plant. The coordinated working together of earthly and cosmic energies is what brings about healthy and nutritious plants. Bio-dynamics is a complete holistic outlook on agriculture.

To read more on this subject, please click the following link of Bio-Dynamic Association of India (BDAI)

Also read the article on  Pest and Disease Control in Vegetable Cultivation by Organic & Bio-dynamic Farming Methods. For the beginners, this article is useful.

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