Thursday, 10 October 2013

Health benefit of Gardening

I need little motivation to garden because it gives me so much pleasure and health benefits.
This time of year, I daydream about getting out in the garden, pulling weeds, pruning and planting. For me, a life-long gardener, there's nothing better than seeking solace, sun and good moments in my yard.
So, when I found these 10 reasons to garden, I had to share them because they cover every good reason to garden, or at least try it:
1. Gardening provides exercise that seems to be lacking in the Indians, especially
Chennaiities'  lifestyle. This comes from picking up pots, hoeing, raking, and chores related to tending the garden.
2. Gardening creates an opportunity by which vitamin D can be absorbed. It only takes 15 minutes out in the sun without sunscreen to absorb a daily dose of this vitamin.
3. Gardening provides more control over an individual's food supply especially for those who are concern with food security.
4. Gardening gives an individual a reason to be outside.
5. Gardening can create social situations where social interaction can occur. Long-term friendships can develop through a common love of gardening.
6. The process of gardening can improve one's mood and reduce depression. This is believed to happen due to exercise and vitamin D exposure.
7. Gardening is a great hobby that every individual regardless of skill or living environment can do.
8. Gardening is a great way of reducing one's carbon footprint by cutting back on food transportation cost and increasing foliage on the planet that can trap carbon or become a carbon sink.
9. Gardening is a great way to reduce stress. Getting back to nature and combining this with exercise can help reduce the stress at the end of the day.
10. Vegetable gardening can improve your whole family's dietary habits by providing the first fast food, which is fresh vegetables and fruits. It has been found that if kids are involved in the gardening process they are more likely to try new foods and eat more vegetables.
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