Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gardening Tools

Basic Gardening Tools

Hand Gloves Gardening gloves are used to protect hands from dirt and,sticks, rocks that could cause cuts or scratches.

Watering Can - For watering plants

Shears/Hand Pruners - a type of scissors,to prune hard branches of trees & shrubs 

Garden hoe - small & big (Man Vetti) - hoes are useful to slice into the soil around weeds
Hand TrowelIt is used for breaking up earth, digging small holes, especially for  planting and weeding, mixing compost, and transferring plants to pots

Weeding / Digging Fork is ideal for planting, aerating and loosening, lifting & turning over soil, without making damages in compact planted areas. Also used for removing weeds.

Hand Cultivatoris used to turn the soil where plants and vegetables are planted, remove weeds from soil. For small flower or vegetable gardens, a hand cultivator can be used like a small plow to turn the earth and dig the planting rows.

Hand Weeder - is used to remove weeds and small roots.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the information,
    I am Sureshkumar from Tambaram. Where can i get Hand Trowel, Weeding / Digging Fork, Hand Cultivator at cheap rate in Tambaram.

    1. Sorrty for late reply since I was out on my vacation. If you apply to Dept. of Horticulture for Do-it-Yourself Kit you will get it all the items along with bags etc. See my post. You can also get it at Natesan Street, T. Nagar at Susi Seeds.

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